Berlin United – Nao Team Humboldt
Humboldt University Berlin - Adaptive Systems

The NaoTeam Humboldt participates at the international competitions of RoboCup which encourage the comparison and exchange of creative ideas. They are organized by the RoboCup Federation and are supported by the national committees. We are a project of the Artifical Intelligence Group at the Humboldt University Berlin.

Tools for Data Driven Research and Development in RoboCup

In this project we develop a toolbox (a set of tools) to support collection, organization and analysis of large amounts of RoboCup specific data enabling detailed analysis to promote data driven research and development in RoboCup.

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XABSL Editor

XabslEditor is a graphical editor for the "Extensible Agent Behavior Specification Language" XABSL (see publication below). It is implemented in Java and should run on every platform that supports Java (Windows, Linux, Mac, …)

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Lab: RUD 25, 3.110

+49 (30) 2093 41173

Lab-meeting: Monday 17pm - 18pm (Zoom)